A practical guide on how to regulate cocaine: social justice and public health at the heart of a regulation model

Steve Rolles

Together with Los Boticarios Podcast we’ve interviewed Steve Rolles, senior drug policy analyst for Transform Drug Policy Foundation, who wrote a practical guide on how to regulate cocaine. Very interesting! Read here for a sneak peek into our hopefully nearby future.

Fair Trade Coke launched a survey on cocaine consumption during the lockdown

U can find the link to the survey and more information on the survey here [in Dutch].

Are you looking for fair trade cocaine? Unfortunately, we have to disappoint you. There is no fair trade cocaine.

The trade of cocaine and its repressive policy cause many problems in the global South. The War on Drugs has failed; despite prohibition the demand and supply keep increasing and the countries en route to Europe and North-America, that are involved in production and the trade, are dealing with the social disruptive consequences of violence. Due to the drug violence, 41 of the 50 most violent cities in the world are located in Latin America.

Fair Trade Coke is a foundation based in the Netherlands which informs about the problems of the cocaine trade and is looking for constructive alternatives for the War on Drugs. In search of more humane and sustainable solutions, Fair Trade Coke researches the origins of the prohibition policy and the impact on societies and communities and regards regulation of cocaine as the best alternative. An important aspect of this process is involving the public. Therefore, Fair Trade Coke regularly writes articles and organizes events, to share its outcomes.

Coca is a healthy plant! It contains a lot of minerals, vitamins and phosphor and has medicinal values. So why are we destroying the plant? And why are we criminalizing the people who proudly cultivate the plant that is so beneficial for our health?

As Fair Trade Coke deems an international market of coca products a constructive alternative towards tackling violence and corruption, we should make use of the possibilities of the plant, rather than focus on the dangers of coca (in other words: producing cocaine).  Therefore, it is important to acknowledge and celebrate the knowledge and practice of coca farmers.  Being cultivators of a nutritious plant with medicinal values, coca farmers are actual heroes! Thus: cocalero heroes.

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