Are you looking for fair trade cocaine? Unfortunately, we have to disappoint you. There is no fair trade cocaine.

The trade of cocaine and its repressive policy cause many problems in the global South. A line of cocaine tells a lot of bloody stories, in which crime, corruption and ecological destruction are standing out. The War on Drugs has failed; despite prohibition the demand and supply keep increasing and the countries en route to Europe and North-America, that are involved in production and the trade, are dealing with the social disruptive consequences of violence. Due to the drug violence, 41 of the 50 most violent cities in the world are located in Latin America. Are the risks of sniffing cocaine that dangerous, that they justify the violence and crime?

Fair Trade Coke is a foundation based in the Netherlands which informs about the problems of the cocaine trade and about constructive alternatives for the War on Drugs. In search of more humane and sustainable solutions, Fair Trade Coke researches the origins of the prohibition policy and the impact on societies and communities and considers the possibilities of regulating the production and consumption of cocaine. An important aspect of this process is involving the public. Therefore, Fair Trade Coke regularly writes articles and organises events, to share its outcomes.