Upcoming events:

On the 7th of November Fair Trade Coke organizes an event in which we celebrate the coca leaf. During this evening we talk about the cultural, medicinal and economical value of this special plant. The aim of this evening is to break with the stigma of coca being a dangerous crop. As Fair Trade Coke deems an international market of coca products a constructive alternative towards tackling violence and corruption, this night we explore and taste the possibilities of coca, other than cocaine. Join us in Amsterdam on the 7th of November!

Fairtrade Coke: Het Cocalab

Past events:

  • @Re:set Filmavond #9 in FC Hyena cinema in Amsterdam, Fair Trade Coke presents the link between the femicide, violence and corruption in Juarez in Mexico and the movie Sicario.
  • @DUS: De Lijn (The Line), a conceptual night from different perspectives on a line, Fair Trade Coke presents the problems and possible solutions of cocaine trade (05-18-2017)
  • @Sexyland organized an event about social organizations and bottom-up initiatives. Fair Trade Coke was there to present its aim to develope constructive alternatives (03-14-2017)
  • @Felix Meritis  Fair Trade Coke organized an event about possible solutions for the War on Drugs and the responsibility of the recreational cocaine consumer. Political scientist Martin Jelsma (Transnational Institute) and political journalist Thijs Roes (De Correspondent) presented their vision on a constructive solution.
  • @De Nacht van de Radicale Vernieuwing Fair Trade Coke dropped the question: is fair trade cocaine a feasible objective? Dennis Mike van den Berg, HvA University teacher of Drugs & Policy, shared his solution.
  • @De Laatste Winkel is e pop-up store in Amsterdam, which sells any possible products that are not for sale yet. Fair Trade Coke sold fair trade cocaine.


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