Decriminalize cultivators of coca

Coca leaf is traditionally grown in lands of the Andes, mainly in Bolivia, Colombia, and Perú. Alongside its traditional use, coca leaves are used for the production of tea, sodas, sweets, flour, and also for the production of cocaine. The prohibition of drugs had led to the criminalization of communities and groups dedicated to the growing of coca leaf. Said prohibition has also meant eradication by force which commonly ends in violent confrontations, murders, incarceration, and diseases.

Moreover, complete families not just make their living from growing coca leaf, it is also an important part of their culture, it is a central role in their daily lives and so for original indigenous groups.

Fairtrade Coke promotes the legalization and regulation of the coca leaf market based on a fair-trade approach that protects the traditional use and traditional coca farmers, the growing market around coca leaf products. Such regulation must center on social justice and for the benefit of small-scale farmers, rather than large scale corporations. As well, Fairtrade Coke aims to be a platform for spreading the voice of all the actors involved in the growing coca leaf impacted by prohibition and criminalization.

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