Donate for a fair drug policy

A drug policy based on social justice and public health

Fair Trade Coke aims te develope a global drug policy that puts humanity and sustainability first.

The War on Drugs and its repressive policy cause many problems. The War on Drugs has failed; despite prohibition the demand and supply keep increasing. Prohibition has led to an enormous increase of crime and violence, in the global South as well as in the global North. Furthermore, it has caused marginalization and displacement of vulnerable communities and its eradication efforts has caused severe environmental damage, like deforestation and intoxicating soil and water.

Fair Trade Coke is a foundation that researches and promotes a humane and sustainable alternative for the War on Drugs. In order to achieve an ecological and human rights based approach, we’ve created six objectives.

Fair Trade Coke’s team is passionately working to achieve its goals. We also work on a voluntary basis and invest our free time into our mission. However, we love to grow and we inspire to do a lot of activities in the near future.

With our donations we are able to do more research, publish articles, make educational movies and organize events, like debates and webinars.

If you would love to contribute to our goals, we would be very grateful. We welcome you to consider a donation. We’ll keep you informed on the progress of our projects through our Newsletter.


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