Racism and drug trade

There is a shared idea that ethnic minorities are dominating the drug trade, partly maintained by media. Newspapers in the Netherlands drop the popular term called ‘Mocro maffia’, in which drug crime is directly linked with the Dutch-Moroccan community. In the USA the phenomena of ethnic profiling in drugs crime is for centuries an issue. Despite the white population in […]

Are you looking for fair trade cocaine? Unfortunately, we have to disappoint you. There is no fair trade cocaine. The trade of cocaine and its repressive policy cause many problems in the global South. A line of cocaine tells a lot of bloody stories, in which crime, corruption and ecological destruction are standing out. The War on Drugs has failed; despite prohibition the […]


Coca As u might know, cocaine is made out of coca leaves. But did u know coca only contains 0,5% of cocaine? Coca grows at an altitude between 500 and 2000 metres, and the Andes mountains in Bolivia, Peru and Colombia offer the perfect climate for cultivating coca. Centuries before cocaine was being discovered, indigenous people across South America consumed coca. The cultivation and consumption […]