Founder Janneke Nijmeijer:

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As an anthropology student I saw the increase of products with a more sustainable and humane production chain. Nowadays we can buy slave free chocolate, fair trade coffee and slow fashion. Simultaneously I experienced the normalization of recreational drug use, in bars, festivals and within my personal life. These parallel phenomena made me wonder: how fair trade is the drugs we consume? I started studying the consequences of cocaine trade for societies that are involved in the production chain. The crime, violence, corruption and ecological destruction that derive from the War on Drugs motivated me to rethink the global vision on tackling cocaine trade. And that’s how Fair Trade Coke started.

If u would like to have more information about the foundation and its goals, send an email to info@fairtradecoke.org or to janneke.nijmeijer@fairtradecoke.org. U can also use the form below.