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My Western perspective on coca

My first time on a coca plantation was in Yungas, Bolivia. My face clearly reveals the excitement of being in a coca plantatio

Destruction or construction?

The War on Drugs has failed. What gives us Westerners the right to impose a destructive policy? Dear imperialist , let this ba

The potential of coca

The coca leaf only contains 0,5% of cocaine. So why do we agressively destroy such a harmless and potential plant? Drug polici

Ancestral coca in Yungas, Bolivia

Coca leaves are popular for consumption, as coca has nutritional and medicinal qualities. But coca can only grow in certain ci

Miners and coca, Bolivia

Wilson works in a mine in Oruro, Bolivia. He shows me ‘around’ in the mine. In this narrow tunnel through the moun

Mining, exploitation and coca leaves

Centuries before the Europeans colonized South America, the indigenous people were aware of the healthy qualities of coca leav

Fortune telling in coca leaves

Wanna know more about your health, love life and job status? Go to El Alto in Bolivia. Maestro Pablo will offer his service in

Ancestral coca in Yungas, Bolivia

‘Girl power’ is written on the cap of coca farmer Ramiro. He uses the catapult to warn the birds from his coca pla

Vendors of coca products

In her sewing shop Bianca also sells local products, like coca tea. Her shop is located in a touristic area in Candelaria, Bog

Koguis, women and coca

Women of the Kogui indigenous community in Colombia do not chew coca leaves. Coca is a plant medicine that is used to awaken y

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