Coca and Kogui’s in Colombia

Summits are necessary to fight climate change. But the real answer for the preservation of the planet lies in the lifestyle and visions of communities whose lives are integral with nature. Like the Koguis in Sierra Nevada in Colombia.

Their respect for nature is immense, and they believe and enact that what mother Earth provides you, deserves a compensation. So when taking a fruit or other crop, you can thank mother Earth and compensate by planting a seed, for example. So respectful, so conscious and yet so pragmatic ❤️

Another aspect of the Kogui culture is the importance of wisdom and consciousness. Coca, or hayo, is an essential element in generating wisdom and consciousness. The use of the poporo, an instrument used to grind a sea shell, and the chewing of hayo, enables them to be focused, introspective and conscious. To embody and share the essence of life, which is living in harmony with nature.

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